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NCSM Online Collections

The NCSM Online Collections web application, project name Aves, is the flagship search and data-sharing platform for the biological, geological, and paleontological collections at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. The application is built using the Laravel and Vue.js frameworks. Bootstrap takes care of the responsive behavior, vivus.js for SVG animations, and jQuery Datatables for the display and interactivity of search results. Several collections include a web map for georeferenced specimens using Leaflet and custom GeoJSON API endpoints provided by the NCSM Data Publishing Platform.

The Online Collections portal belongs to the internal collections interconnected network, a set of web applications that communicate with one another through custom APIs. Here, media in the form of 3-D models, images, and scans of primary sources (e.g., ledgers, labels, and collection cards) associated with specimens are provided by the Collections Asset Manager. Spatial datasets, controlled vocabularies, collections metrics are provided dynamically by the NCSM Data Publishing platform.

  • Type:Search and Data Sharing Web Application
  • Project Dates:01/2019 - Current
  • Address:https://collections.naturalsciences.org
  • Status:Active
  • Organization:North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Roles:Developer, Designer, Project Manager, Information Architect
  • Technologies: AWS S3, jQuery, Laravel, Leaflet, MySQL, Vue.js