L o a d i n g


The Candid Critters Project Management system (CAPS) is a custom web application to support the NC Candid Critters project workflow. CAPS is built using the Laravel MVC Framework with a MYSQL database backend. The web application features a wide array of features that include camera management, reservation and training tracking, site mapping, and custom reports generated on the fly.

The architecture of the application is divided into modules that provide support for specific sections of the workflow. This way the application can target and scale to particular needs. These modules with a short description are as follows:

  1. Volunteers. This module handles the submissions, status, and activities of all project volunteers. The training programs all volunteers must undergo can also be tracked using this module.
  2. Sites. The geographic distribution and associated metadata of sites are managed through a series of interfaces. Sites belong to one or more types, including proposed camera locations, active data collection sites, and past sites.
  3. Libraries. Each participating library is given an optional account in the CAPS. This allows them to directly manage their camera inventory, reservation activity, and contact information. If libraries opt-out, then the module seamlessly moves to administrative control.
  4. Form Submissions. The start of the project workflow beings with a series of custom forms, each for a specific type of volunteer. All form submissions and subsequent routing through the project are managed using this module.
  5. Web Maps. Closely related to the sites module, the web map module is a centralized management component for all embedded maps and associated resources (e.g. proposed camera sites). The web maps in CAPS contain an array of features including hundreds of camera site locations, reverse geocoding, custom map layers, and a feature that allows users to find the nearest library and proposed camera site to their given location.